June 28, 2016

Study Online

“Stephan teaches in a systematic manner, starting from my level of competence. He has been quick to identify and correct problem areas with my playing. During this short time, I have improved in my playing as well as developed a better understanding and knowledge in the many aspects of jazz”.

– Paul Foo, Singapore (online student)

Stephan’s¬†teaching style is based on your own goals for your playing, and the different aspects of practice and performance:

How to create measurable results for your playing that align with what you want for yourself and your playing.
When to be conceptual, and how to get to where the music just flows.
How to practice effectively
How to perform effectively
Some of the things to work on are:

Form/technique, and how that is directly going to help free your playing and expression to a higher level.
How to use different improvisational concepts like motive playing, bebop scales, pentatonics, chromatic approach, etc.
How to create your own voice.
How to work with melodic target notes to create a stronger sense of intention in your playing.
Time, articulation, feel, rhythmic expression and placement.

Lessons are taught via Skype. In person are also possible if you’re in NYC.

Please contact me for further information.